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“Creativity takes courage.”- Henri Matisse

I was always encouraged and inspired to chase success. But the American version of success as we know it - a good education and a good job. However, my version of success did not suit most. I fell in love with the arts in a way that was terrifying to my family and I am still committed to my dream. My creativity has afforded me ways to continue to do art in ways I could only imagine. We have all heard this story: sacrifice today, success tomorrow.  I have been blessed to use my art as a teaching tool, and an example to change the status quo. We have the power to create what our tomorrow's could look like it. Sometimes we just need an example on how to see it for ourselves.


God has blessed me with this gift and I will honor Him and operate in it. I pray this is His provision to allow me to continue to be a blessing to others, to continue teaching photography to kids who would never be exposed otherwise, to capture the beauty of Chicago that others dismiss and to have Him be present in all that I do. 


If you would like to support me in my creative endeavors I would greatly appreciate it.


Please use the links below if you would like to donate.




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